Serve as a directory of Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Individuals involved in oil and gas industry, so that all information required for operation of oil & gas installations is readily available at the flick of a button.

Contractors, manufacturers, distributors and individuals involved in oil & gas business will benefit more if registered with Petrolete

All the above registrations are free of cost, for Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors & Individuals

Broadly implies contractors and specialized / ordinary service providers, who could get contracts executed either directly or through sub-contractors, with proven track records, especially in oil & gas industry

Means manufacturers of various industrial products required in oil & gas industry, for the range of activities involved in exploration, production, refining, petrochemical and all associated services

Local agents or authorized distributors of manufacturers described above

News of new products, services, acquisitions mergers, major orders, etc., related to oil & gas business can be posted at this portal free, with event logo and brief description and with a link to the web site of the respective manufacturer, contractor or distributor as a banner

Requirement of products and services, recruitment drives, etc. related to oil & gas business can be posted at this portal free, with link to the web site of the respective advertiser, who could be either a manufacture or contractor

Contractors, manufactures and distributors are free to upload presentations depicting their experience, expertise, credentials, range of services or products along with links to respective website can be posted under presentations. dfgdfg

All registered companies shall have one account only. If the company has multi branches/offices, it required to be clear in the registration once the admin apply for registration. For Example ; a manufacturer located in China registered in Petrolete where the same manufacturer name that located in USA applied to register in Petrolete. In this case, we have no objection unless the contact details are different

Any subject that related to Oil & Gas that included in the categories posted in the articles section

In order to know about the memberships previlages, you have to registor as an individual or company where after completing the registration, you will find in the menu bar all the membership options along with their privileges